When Do You Deliver?

We aim to deliver within 48 hours from day of ordering. You can find our delivery schedule here 

What time will my delivery arrive?

We’re unable to give you a delivery time due to the huge demand we’re experiencing and the large delivery area we’re covering. All we can do is give you delivery day. Our vehicles will be loaded each delivery day and we’ll just keep going until every order is delivered. If you would like us to leave in a secure location as you may be at work, please leave a note when completing your order. Please be advised we are not allowed to enter any premises and we can only leave your order where there is no risk to our colleagues.

Can we request a delivery day?

At this moment in time it’s not possible to specify a delivery day. This in main is due to the sheer volume of orders we’re receiving, the current team we have to staff it and large delivery areas we’re covering so we can reach as many people in need as possible. To keep things simple and manage the logistics we will be working to deliver within 48 hours from the day of ordering, unless otherwise stated in the delivery times here.

Are you able to deliver to.....?

A full list of our delivery areas can be found on our website here. Due to the small team we have, we’re unable at this time to deliver to any additional areas. We hope this coverage will improve with time allowing us to reach more communities in need, so please check back regularly.

Do you offer a vegetarian or vegan box?

The good news is, we will be introducing some more options over the coming days, so please check back regularly.

Can I make swaps?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible at this time. To help us meet demand and manage the logistics involved around packing, the set boxes help us to provide fresh baked goods and get them delivered as soon as possible. The boxes have been put together based on our best selling lines and availability of product. 

Can I add more products

You are only able to add another set box as listed on the website. It’s not possible to pick and pack additional items from our in store bakery range for the same reasons as above. We hope to introduce a wider range of bakery boxes over the coming weeks, so please keep checking the website for more details.

Why can't I complete my order?

Occasionally when the website is in high demand, it can’t keep up and products are selling out between you adding it to your basket and checking out. Revisit the shop and refresh the page to see which bakery boxes have now sold out. 

When can I order?

Our online shop is available 24 hours a day, however once we have sold out, the shop will not be refreshed until the following day or Monday if over the weekend.  Once refreshed and stock availability is live again, deliveries will then be sent out on the next available day, based on our delivery schedule which can found here. There will be times when the shop is closed over the weekend or at Bank Holidays to help us manage demand.

Can I order by phone for delivery?

Not at this time. We are happy to provide a Call & Collect service by calling your local store, but we’re unable to coordinate phone orders for delivery due to the small team we have managing our new delivery service and the fact that we operate over several locations. To find your nearest Warings Bakery for Call & Collect click here 

Do I need a Paypal Account to order?

No you don’t. Paypal is our merchant provider which allows secure online payments, so you can be confident your ordering safely. Payment can be made by all major credit/debit cards. If you do have a Paypal account, this can be used for quick checkout without the need to add any payment details.

We hope the above helps, but if you have any further questions, please email us at orders@waringsbakery.co.uk